Hey there, I’m Basharath, from India and I’m the one behind
I’m a full-stack developer, a passionate problem solver, and a tech enthusiast.
I’m a heavy user of Notion, who uses it every single day to manage notes, tasks, track projects, and plan various other things.
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I’m a blogger too and have lots of ideas about content to share. I thought Twitter is a good platform for that but I wanted a solution where I can be able to share my quick notes, ideas, and threads easily on Twitter.
For that, I decided Notion could be an apt platform and I created viaNotion(the name was not finalized by then) in October 2022 for personal use. Soon I realized other people too can get benefitted from this solution to grow and share content on Twitter and hence I decided to make this a full-fledged platform for anybody to use.
Now, viaNotion lets you manage and schedule content for Twitter and LinkedIn, and in the future, there may be other social networks too. There will be many more features coming up in the future.
The main aim of viaNotion is to make you as productive as possible to share your content on social networks.
This is my very first SaaS tool before that I have developed quite a many FREE productivity tools. I could have made this too FREE but as I have to manage my cloud service costs and also for people to value this product, my time, future works, etc, I have to make this a paid tool.
I have a lot of preference for improving productivity. Most of my tools are focused on productivity.
These are some of my latest tools that you can use for FREE ↓
You can find all my other free tools along with their demos here:
Thank you for checking out my about page 🙏
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